Our beloved Students,


You are all very special. If you already know it, be grateful to your family, friends and everyone, who surrounds you – that’s because, they’ve done a great job. Thanks to them you are closer to your goal. It doesn’t mean, that your life is going to be easier. You are simply closer.

If there is a question in your head “What the heck are they babbling about?” – you have to know, that you believe in the wrong story about yourself. We think, that the time has come, to make some decisions to change it. Don’t be angry for anyone. Your path to your goal is not worse, it is just different. The video, that you can watch, will show you, that you don’t have to be a pawn in the game. You can become gamer. In this game there will be the winner – someone, who can motivate himself/herself. Someone, who can set his/her path and do responsible moves in this game. Thanks to this, when you look at your face in the mirror every morning, you shall be full of peace. Because you know, that you have done everything to use your time as good as possible. We’ve already believed in you. Now it’s your move.


ang1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnHW6o8WMas